FILTHYSEXY – The Adult Social Network That Pays, is a place for people to enjoy sexual fantasies with real people. Whether it is Phone Sex, adult videos and photos or Webcam fun, we have it all.

Is FILTHYSEXY free to use?
It is completely free to register a profile, browse other Member profiles, and unlike other so-called “free” sites, we also allow you to contact other members by Private Message for free too.
However, we also offer additional premium services beyond what is free, such as Phone Chat so you can chat live with others on the Phone. And we also allow you to buy Videos and Photos from other members too. This allows us to keep a majority of the site free to use and also encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and earn a little extra cash selling virtual fun.

Are the Sellers real people or paid employees?
All Sellers are real people who are members just like you, that have applied to upgrade to a Seller account. A Seller is no different to a regular member, except they have had their identity verified by us (for legal reasons) and have been granted permission to sell Phone Chat, Webcam shows and sell Videos/Photos to our members. They offer Phone Chat from their own mobile phones and upload homemade Videos and Photos they have created themselves.
Sellers are not employed by FILTHYSEXY and as such they are not scripted or trained professionals, but simply amateurs like you, who sell online adult entertainment.

I have seen a Seller I wish to contact, but they are living in a different country, what happens?
If a Seller is living in another country, and they are offering Phone Chat, you can still Phone Chat with them as if they lived in your own country. Our system will connect calls in, and between, 14 different countries without any additional costs or hassles. So, for example, if you live in the UK and you want to chat on the phone with someone in USA, our system will connect you no differently than if they lived in the UK like you. Our Webcams are available worldwide. There is literally no barring you from enjoying adult entertainment from Sellers from across the world. The only thing we can’t control is time-zones!

Can I meet a Seller offline?
Any decision to meet is entirely down to the Seller. They are real amateurs, not employee’s and as such are free to do as they wish, including meeting other members if they wish to.
If you do decide to meet another Member of this site, then you do so at your own risk and FILTHYSEXY does not accept liability for any outcome from that meeting.

What is a Buyer account, why do I need one?
A Buyer account is an extension to the Standard Membership. While a Standard Membership allows you to browse profiles and send Private Messages to members, for you to use Phone Chat, Webcams, Purchase Videos/Photos or send Tributes, you will need a Buyers account. It is free and easy to register for a Buyer account from the Buyer Account page, and once registered, you can purchase credit to spend on the various services that are provided by Sellers.
When you click on a Photo Set, Video, Phone Chat, Webcam or Tribute it will ask you to sign in/register for a Buyers Account. You can be assured that we use a secure payment provider with years of experience in dealing with payments in the adult industry and that this offers a far safer way of spending money with Sellers, than to pay anyone directly via dodgy methods such as Western Union, PayPal or other alternatives known to be used by fraudsters. If any Member or Seller asks for money in any other form than through our own FILTHYSEXY payment provider then we would consider it unsafe and any money you do send via any other 3rd party method is done so at your own risk.

I have bought a Video or Photo set, what can I do with it?
When you buy a Video or Photo set from a Seller, you have 48 hours to download the content. You are not purchasing the rights to the content, but are instead purchasing a licence to view the content for personal use. The content rights still remain the property of the person selling the content. While you are permitted to keep and view the content an unlimited amount of times for personal use, you are not permitted to distribute or re-sell the content to any other party. If you are found to be distributing or selling any content outside of its personal usage licence, the Seller can request a DMCA takedown of their content and may also take legal action against you for infringing on their copyright.

Can I upgrade to a Seller account?
If you have Photo ID proving your identity and age, then you are welcome to apply for a Seller account via the Upgrade page. Further details including how much you can be paid from offering our Seller services are also available on that page.

I am sure these FAQ’s have changed recently?
We do update them once in a while to better help our Members, and to also keep up with new services and developments. We ask that you keep popping back here now and again to keep updated with things so you can keep up to date with what can and cannot be done with the site. If you have any questions you can Contact Us.