Make Money With FILTHYSEXY

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Upgrade to a FREE VIP membership and start offering your own paid Phone Chat and Webcam Shows, and sell your Photos and Videos too, all from FILTHYSEXY.

Phone Chat
Once you add your Mobile Phone Number and go online, you can receive phone calls from other members wanting to enjoy Phone Chat with you. Members will never know your real phone number as our system hides it, and you will earn £0.15p/min for every minute you are on a call with a paying member.
Mobile Phone Chat is currently only available in United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and Sweden.
Please Note – Phone Chat is Voice Calls only, we DO NOT provide a SMS Text service.

Webcam Shows
Put on a Webcam show for other members and earn while you are being watched. We pay £0.15p/min for every minute you are being watched by a paying member, and our system can handle hundreds of members all watching you at once, which multiplies how much you can earn every minute, by how many people are paying to watch.
Got someone that wants a private 1-2-1 show, you get £0.20p/min for one of them.
Not only that, but members can also tip you mid-show to encourage you to chat about certain subjects or perform certain acts live on cam.
You can also read/reply to live chat messages while you perform, giving the ultimate audience participation.
Webcam Shows are available worldwide, Windows PC/Laptop required.

Sell Photos and Videos
Don’t just send nudes, sell your nudes! Let members buy your erotic photos and videos and profit from each sale.
We verify every photo and video for quality (we don’t want our members to feel disappointed!) and then upload them for sale. You will earn £0.10p on every photo sold, and between £0.50 – £3.00* on every video sold.
Selling Photos and Videos are available worldwide.

Receive Tributes
Tributes are also known as Tips/Donations, etc. It is where a member that has money in their e-wallet can donate a portion to you as a Tribute. You will receive 60% of any donation made to you (the rest goes to our payment provider fee’s, admin costs, etc). You don’t have to do anything to receive a Tribute, all commissions are paid automatically into your VIP account.
Tributes are available worldwide.

Payments are made by UK Bank/International Bank Transfer in either Great British Pounds (GBP), US Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR) . Payments are made weekly once you reach the minimum payout, and usually take 5 working days to be paid. Haven’t quite reached the minimum payout amount? Don’t worry, we roll your balance over each week until you have enough!

Applying for VIP Membership is completely FREE. All we require is a clear photograph of a valid government issued Photo ID to verify who you are and that you are over 18 years of age.
Valid Photo ID can be a Passport, ID Card, Driving Licence, etc. Showing your full name, photograph and date of birth clearly on it.

Are You Ready To Make Money?
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